The 2|3omb Weekly(April 11th 2022)

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2 min readApr 11, 2022

The 2|3omb Weekly:

Welcome to our first 2|3omb Weekly, where we discuss recent events, and what is to come.
The 2|3omb Weekly is not meant to be for “Alpha”, but rather to keep you updated about progress and things you may have missed.


We would like to thank you for your continued support of the team. Really, we couldn’t do this without you.
For those who are new, we welcome you and hope that you’ll come to appreciate and understand why so many have stayed: the amazing community.

Current Tasks and Developments

Here are some of our current tasks and recent developments:

  • We have taken our first step in the rollout of the Redemption Profit Optimizer, and that is the release of Redemption Swap. We are seeing a minimum of $500,000–600,000 in volume each day, and in the first week we have burned over 150,000 2omb.
    Yes. 150,000 2omb in the first week alone.
  • We do however need everyone’s support in switching from Spooky LPs to Redemption LPs in order to raise the volume and help us push to PEG even quicker. If you haven’t switched to Redemption LPs, you can no longer receive rewards.

- Our next step is focusing our utmost efforts into the development of the Redemption Yield Optimizer and the release of the RED Token(1:1 conversion from D.Finance is still happening!)
This will allow you to not only do token swaps, and forge LPs, but also stake those LPs for more profit all from within the Redemption ecosystem.

- We are currently finishing the B2B build out for potential business clients who want to join the Redemption platform. We are currently taking time to craft the ultimate user experience.

Future Tasks

- We are building future use cases for the 2|3omb and Redemption Ecosystem, such as gamefi, raffles, lottos and others.

In Closing

We understand that there are requests for improvements on the site as well as some other peripheral mechanisms.
This really shows how much you all care about the project’s success, and we do want to get to them. We do however ask for patience as we currently have our priorities set.

Remember the goal: get back to a healthy place (peg) and create the number one Go-To DeFi ecosystem, all based on a solid foundation to launch groundbreaking products in the future.

Again, we thank you for your support and patience as we continue to pioneer and innovate to a better DeFi future.

We love you all.




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