2|3omb X Zomb Partnership

2|3|Z: a Partnership Pegged to 3OMB.

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4 min readMar 13, 2022

The Night of the Living PEG.

The recent loss of PEG for 2|3omb was caused by multiple factors, including uncertainty in the markets, war, and sudden competition from a rapid influx of other Tomb Based Protocols.
While we are making great progress with our 2|3Bond staking feature, we are continuing our efforts to bring 2|3omb closer to PEG.

Enter ZOMB

We found Zomb when it was mentioned in the 2|3omb Discord. It was described as a protocol designed by a few “OG” investors in the protocol who saw an opportunity to utilize the severely undervalued 3omb token as a PEG currency.

We took an interest in this protocol as it provides a very good chance to give our current investors a chance to utilize 3omb all while giving them the opportunity to capitalize on a 2|3omb vetted project.

Zomb will not be using renounced contracts until we feel that the project is 100% dialed in, with new features being developed for sustainability along the way. *SEE DISCLAIMER*

Why 3OMB instead of 2OMB?

1.) 3omb currently has 4x less liquidity than 2omb meaning the price is more easily moved , creating a much quicker route to reaching PEG!

2.) After reaching PEG on 3omb, the 3ROOM AND the 3DAO will begin functioning again, allowing us to systematically buy back 2|3omb Assets.

Zomb-3omb LP purchasers may also see large upsides as 3omb moves closer to PEG.

Rug Free Zone.

We realize Fantom can be a scary place. While competing with other investors is stressful enough, the last thing you want is for the protocol you are expecting to help, to steal your funds through malicious code.

We at 2|3omb have our reputation. While we cannot control how investors use their funds, we the 2|3omb team, will NEVER touch your funds.

In order to prevent any type of malicious behavior, the 2|3omb team will be not only providing the initial liquidity, but will be locking the Liquidity in a Multi-Signature wallet that requires both Zomb, and the top managers of the 2|3omb to sign off before any funds can be touched.

This was a non-negotiable part of our deal, and the Zomb team accepted.

Proof of Liquidity Lock: https://cointool.app/token/lock?a=0xf5d13b8fefbe99467496182eb95e6fa4ae02501a&c=250

Why no Genesis Pool?

Less bots, less whale manipulation, less drama.
More organic growth.

How can you partake?

  1. )Head over to Zomb Finance and make sure to click the official links to purchase both Zomb and 3omb(or use what 3omb you have) on SpookySwap.

2.)Once on SpookySwap, Purchase 3omb and Zomb as necessary.(Make sure you have the official token from the Zomb page.)

Make sure you have the correct Address -> Purchase 3omb and Zomb in equal parts(Example: 500% Zomb and 500$ 3omb)

3.)Add liquidity using your Zomb and 3omb tokens on SpookySwap.

Click the Liquidity Button
Supply 3omb and Zomb in equal dollar amounts(EG. 500$ of 3omb and 500$ of Zomb to make a 1000$ LP)

4.)Return to Zomb with your LP Token and Stake in the Farm Section for High APR returns

1.) On the top right of the Zomb Site navigate to Farm
2.)Click The + button to add your LP 3.)Choose amount to deposit and click Confirm.

2|3omb and Zomb Disclaimer

  1. )Zomb and 2|3omb are experimental software provided as is.
  2. ) 2|3omb and Zomb are highly experimental projects, and any 2|3omb or Zomb related cryptocurrencies may be subject to high volatility, including complete loss of value. Never invest more than you are willing to lose. The development team cannot control the price of 2|3omb or Zomb related assets.
  3. )The 2|3omb and/or Zomb team cannot, and will not be held responsible for any monetary loss that results from investing in 2|3omb or Zomb protocols. You invest at your own risk, and the 2|3omb and Zomb team hold zero responsibility for your investments.
  4. )Various features and changes may come to the Zomb Project without prior notice.

Stay in touch, stay informed!

2|3omb Discord:http://discord.gg/2omb
2|3omb Twitter:https://twitter.com/_2omb

Zomb Discord: discord.gg/cnpqN9RNYG
Zomb Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZombFinance

2|3omb and Zomb General Risk Warning:
The trading of 3omb, Zomb, and other cryptocurrencies have potential rewards and potential risks involved. Trading may not be suitable for all people. Anyone wishing to invest should seek his or her own independent financial or professional advice.



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