2|3Bond Single Side Staking

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2 min readMar 11, 2022

A 7 Day Trial

Dear 2|3ombers,
Today we will be implementing a 2BOND and 3BOND Single Sided Staking trial feature(7 Day Trial Period).
By using this feature you agree you have read and understand the risk involved in the Bonding Process as described by the Bonding Process Disclaimer.

Exchange and Staking Process:

  1. ) Exchange your 2OMB for 2BOND at https://2omb.finance/bonds
    or Exchange your 3OMB for 3BOND at https://3omb.finance/bonds
    SEE DISCLAIMER for details.

2.)Stake 2BOND on the Official 2OMB site to earn 2SHARES, and/or 3BOND on the official 3OMB site to earn 3SHARES.

3.)2|3BONDs can be staked or unstaked any time during the 7 day period.

4.)2|3BONDs can be redeemed for 2|3OMB+Bonus once TWAP is ABOVE 1.01 SEE DISCLAIMER for details

Bonding Process Disclaimer

1.)2BONDs and/or 3BONDs CANNOT be redeemed for 2OMB and 3OMB until TWAP is at 1.01 or ABOVE.

2.)Only 5% of the TOTAL SUPPLY of 2|3BONDs can be redeemed per 6 Hour Epoch while TWAP is 1.01 or ABOVE. First come, first serve.

3.) When 2|3OMB is exchanged for 2|3BONDs it is locked away, and the team CANNOT reimburse you. The only way to receive 2|3OMB after exchanging, is by redeeming once TWAP is 1.01 or ABOVE.

4.)If the trial goes well, we will look into continuing the 2|3BOND staking, along with adding extra incentives.

5.)Once again, the 2|3OMB team cannot reimburse you for any 2|3BONDs, and cannot be held responsible for the TWAP value.

During this time, the APR on other pools will be extremely reduced.
More details can be found on
Discord at discord.gg/2omb
Telegram at http://bit.ly/3AUcaBI



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